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I know I’ve been disappeared from a while. Like everyone else just going thru ups and downs in life. I try to keep it up by shooting a simple look in a ethnic attire. This Salwar kameez  is not customized my me or anyone. It’s ready made which my friend got me from India. I just had it stitched according to my measurments. I’m so in love with this color combination of Navy blue and Orange. As the shirt itself was heavy, didn’t do much with tailoring. Kept it very simple stitching just a round deep neck from front and back. Didn’t added any tassels or anything. Kept it simple, classy and lil sassy.

Enjoy the Summer Heat!



































Ambar Fashions New York

Fashion Jewelry

Hello my cuties,

Welcome back to my blog. I hope everyone is doing well so am I. Here I come back with a new post, all about Fashion Jewelry. I’m representing Ambar Fashions located in Queens Village, New York. They provide high-quality, trendy, and  affordable jewelry; accessories including ring, necklaces, bracelet & bangles, earrings, punjabi juttis etc. for women. The head piece and nath I’m wearing are so elegant and super light in weight. I’ll be showing you guys a same jewelry with western outfit soon. Check out her collection Ambar Fashions  and contact her for any business inquries. For Details:


Phone: 917-690-7794











Instagram: ambarfashions

Facebook: Ambar Fashions

Fashion has no Rules

Desi Fusion

Hi Fam,

How is everyone doing? This time I won’t let u people hit the boredom with my story of weather and work 😉 This time I have come with a contemporary look, western desi fusion.
As all knows India is a rich culture with clothing, food and festivals. Almost every state have a different way of styling and clothing.


Saree (Drape) is a timeless classic piece. Its a traditional Indian wear can be worn in different styles. Its a 6-9 meter cloth wrapped around the waist with one end rolled over the shoulder. For people like me have to be very conscious with Saree because the fear of falling is real. The twist has got me and you, casually trolling, also learning the art of wearing Saree with confidence; making a statement appearance. This is the modern interpretation. Played mix and match of colors. This fusion look is making a classy appearance with dhoti pants. Many Bollywood actress have nailed this Dhoti-Saree looks. The Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor always leaves as amazed with her fresh styling of wearing and carrying herself. My outfit wasn’t really made. I picked three different pieces from old dress and put them together. Instead of dhoti pant a Salwar (Known to be a north Indian Wear) would also be worn. I paired an old Saree blouse with that and draped a Jaipuri Dupatta from Mom’s closet. Its basically a mix and match of different outfits. I loved the colored. You can never go wrong with a teal blue and hot pink. Coming to Jewelry this elegant head piece can also be worn as a necklace.


I am crazy for Punjabi Juttis (foot wear) they are just so comfortable, no pain, no tiredness, dance and run with no fear. Also wearing my favorite pair of anklets from Jyoti Bindra located in Richmond hill (NY). And I just added a Potli (bag), Potlis are so in trend these days you can basically find them from any local Indian jewelry store.





This was the whole Fusion look. I hope you guys like it. Thank you for visiting my page again. Will be back soon with new look. Enjoy till then.


Accessories: Vikhyat Usa Inc

9408 118th Street,

South Richmond Hill, NY 11419

Phone. 718-844-7717


Punjabi Traditional Women Clothing

Desi Style

Punjab is one colorful region of the world with rich culture that keeps on inspiring and attracting the people globally. The traditional women clothes of the region are perfect blends of beauty, elegance and comfort which are called Salwar Kameez. Punjabi suits consists of three pieces – the kameez which women wear as tops, the salwar which acts like the bottom piece and the dupatta or chunni. It is indeed a wonderful look that Punjabi women attain with these traditional clothing styles.                                                                                               jyoti-155jyoti-186

I love to wear Indian dresses as they are elegant and comfortable. There are various types of Indian dresses but my favorite Indian Traditional dress is Salwar kameez. It is a traditional dress of Punjab which is mostly worn by North Indian people. Salwars are detached pajama-like trousers. The legs are wide at the top, and restricted at the lower leg. The kameez is a long shirt. Purpose of dupatta is to cover modesty. You can also actually tie around your waist & take on one shoulder.

The Salwar Kameez I’m wearing is made in India at some local tailor shop (non brand), the jewelry as well. I tried to make a combination of two vibrant colors which came out really good and eye catching. I don’t really wear Punjabi suits but my love for them is infinity ♥ Simple Punjabi suits always give you elegant look. And most important Punjabi Jutti/Ethnic Footwear, look is incomplete without it. If you’re looking to buy anything similar there are tons of options now a days. Check out on Instagram search for Punjabi jewelry or Punjabi suits.

I hope you guys like the look!