New Year’s Eve 2017

Hello everyone!! Happy New Year to all, so yeah I’m writing this post about my new year’s eve. The month of new beginning and celebration. It’s that time of year again when streets are lit up with bright flamboyant lights, sounds of crackling fireworks can be heard a mile away.

Everyone plans for New Year so as I; but I couldn’t come to a conclusion about what to do, where to go, what to wear, etc. And all of a sudden a friend of mine called and invited me to join a party in a club. You may have heard about DJ Amit (one of the best desi DJ in NYC). He offered me the advantages like free VIP tickets, unlimited drinks :), food, etc. In today’s era who doesn’t love all these things. I decided to go with my two other guy friends and rock the club. The party was obviously super lit. We had so much fun and it was one of the craziest night of 2016. I hope all of you guys had  good time as well with friends and family. Wish you all a very happy new year once again. Thank you for visiting my page.






Chilly Willy

Black and White love

Hi peeps, first of all welcome back to my blog and, Happy Holidays to all of you! Hope everyone is having good time and enjoying Christmas!! I have been trying to update my blog but, because of my tight schedule I couldn’t get a chance to get things done on time. So, here I’m back in a casual look.

I took out few hours from my holiday schedule to go out with my sister and click some pictures. As, we all know here in New York, winters are crazy but it’s just the beginning. It was so chilled outside so i decided to title this “Chilly Willy”.

OKAY!! Lets start with outfit details,  I kept this look simple and fresh for any casual day. Paring a White T-shirt with black jeggings. To keep it simple and classy, Black boots goes with anything in the world so I thought of why not try them with a blazer. After all day rain, finally the sun decided to come out and I got a chance to put my shades on as well 🙂 As we know choker necklaces are so trendy these days. The one, I’m wearing is a bold black net choker with silver coin studs. I hope you guys will enjoy the look.

Please do comment below weather you like it or nah. But, let me know how do you liked my hair; because I have been receiving very negative comments from few fellas. Scroll down for pictures.

Thanks!! Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


img_0142img_0218img_0236 img_0183                                                  img_0169




Wardrobe details:
T-shirt: Ralph Lauren
Jegging: A&F
Blazer: Gap
Bag: MCM
Shades: Dita Bluebird two
Choker & earings: Claire’s accessories
Lip color: Kylie cosmetics (Kourt K Matte)
Boots: XOXO

Punjabi Traditional Women Clothing

Desi Style

Punjab is one colorful region of the world with rich culture that keeps on inspiring and attracting the people globally. The traditional women clothes of the region are perfect blends of beauty, elegance and comfort which are called Salwar Kameez. Punjabi suits consists of three pieces – the kameez which women wear as tops, the salwar which acts like the bottom piece and the dupatta or chunni. It is indeed a wonderful look that Punjabi women attain with these traditional clothing styles.                                                                                               jyoti-155jyoti-186

I love to wear Indian dresses as they are elegant and comfortable. There are various types of Indian dresses but my favorite Indian Traditional dress is Salwar kameez. It is a traditional dress of Punjab which is mostly worn by North Indian people. Salwars are detached pajama-like trousers. The legs are wide at the top, and restricted at the lower leg. The kameez is a long shirt. Purpose of dupatta is to cover modesty. You can also actually tie around your waist & take on one shoulder.

The Salwar Kameez I’m wearing is made in India at some local tailor shop (non brand), the jewelry as well. I tried to make a combination of two vibrant colors which came out really good and eye catching. I don’t really wear Punjabi suits but my love for them is infinity ♥ Simple Punjabi suits always give you elegant look. And most important Punjabi Jutti/Ethnic Footwear, look is incomplete without it. If you’re looking to buy anything similar there are tons of options now a days. Check out on Instagram search for Punjabi jewelry or Punjabi suits.

I hope you guys like the look!








Personality Color Blue

“The only color that calms me down”,Blue is a color of the sky and oceans which are my favorite things to look at.The color blue makes me feel quiet, reflective and strong. When I look at the blue waters of the ocean, I feel calm and very strong, I feel free like the moving waves. So I decided to add these colors to my very first blog.

As a blogger I’m a beginner who has no idea how things work on the blog. My whole outfit is selected by my lovely sister #Raazi. These pictures are taken last year by my personal photographer #David. I’m not prepared  to start any blog yet but still giving myself a trial. For now just putting some pics and outfit details. Let’s see how you guys like it and then hopefully I’ll continue adding posts.   


Top: Express

Floral Circle Skirt: Express

Heels: INC